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Georgetown Calligraphy

We are proud to present Georgetown Calligraphy - the project of our in-house calligrapher Logan Kant. Georgetown Calligraphy in conjunction with Just Paper & Tea, offers modern calligraphy classes for all skill levels as well as custom calligraphy projects. 
Check out Georgetown Calligraphy's website to see what classes and workshops are currently available. The current community workshop event: Holiday Card Workshop!


Calligraphy comes from a rich historical tradition of thousands of years, and respecting this heritage while being a part of the continued carrying of the art into the modern age is at the center of our mission.

Relaxed Environment

Georgetown Calligraphy should provide a place where everyone feels welcome to express themselves, and this is only possible in a laid-back, judgment-free, relaxed environment.


Creating beautiful lettering with calligraphy requires authentic, quality materials and instruction that doesn't cut corners. We want to make sure that all of our students and customers only come into contact with the best, most genuine materials and instruction.
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